Wrap is a centre for artistic production and communication, which provides a wide range of facilities to professional artists, on a project-to-project basis. Wrap is artist-run, but none of our facilities are exclusively reserved for any particular artist. Our tools and spaces are maintained and organised by knowledgeable professionals and our prices are subsidised in order to reflect the means of most artists, and to maintain an inclusive profile.

We also initiate and curate various artistic projects that we believe benefit the artistic communities surrounding the centre.


Sonisk Selskap

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Autumn News

Our program continues with new opportunities to catch Wrap’s signature concepts:

Audioglimt - where great musicians perform unique soundtracks to films


Sonisk Selskap - where musicians, dancers and technicians come together to create exciting, beautiful, unique and unpredictable recordings and live events.

Our winter season of Audioglimt concerts has been partially pushed into 2023, as we are working closely with musicians and film makers to source inspiring films that can be used for forthcoming Audioglimt projects without limiting the scope of what we publish digitally. Look forward to some really great musician/film maker combinations!

Sunday 16th October:

Sonisk Selskap - DeltaJazzLand, with music led by Sonic Sheriff, David Pavels.


Tor Bjarne Bjelland - Drums & percussion

Torbjørn Hillersøy - Bass

Are Ovesen - Trumpet

Nave Pudnik - Harmonica

Lauritz Isaksen - Keys

David Pavels - Guitars (Sonisk Sheriff)

Dancers (ImproLaBergen):

Meg Dodini

Monica Reksten

Roskva Yasmin Andersen

Rita Maria F. Munoz

Anaïs Carreras

Malin Nøss Vangsnes 

M. Veronica L. Robles Thorseth

Friday 18th November:

Audioglimt with XXX Mensa & Julie Silset. Film: Ascension (2021) and Regreso (short art film by Edua Restrepo Castaño).

Friday 25th November:

Audioglimt with Bodil Lunde Rørtveit and Berit Opheim. Three art films: Stop Bath (2017) by Rachel Wolfe, Reality in the North is Thinner Than Anywhere Else (2022) by Espen Tversland, and Palette (2018) by Ankita Anand.

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Emily Adomah performs to film/performance by Robert Carter at special Audioglimt collaboration with Prøverommet. Photo: Mila Elizabeth Larvoll

Bergen Impr Storband performing with Sigbjørn Apeland. Photo: Charlotte Pedersen

Our autumn program kicked off with a very special collaboration between Wrap and Prøverommet, where musicians Emily Adomah and Simão Simões performed/presented music to films by Jared Theis and Robert Carter. The first part of the event took place in our Large Project Room, where Emily Adomah crafted a quirky and sensitive atmospheric soundtrack using voice and electronics, set to a video and performance by Robert Carter.

The second half took place in the AV Lab’s Studio B, where Simão Simões presented his brand new recording of a composition for a film from Jared Theis’ extensive and on-going catalogue of films exploring the strange inhabitants of a colourful parallel universe where everything’s going to be alright. After this the audience was invited to create an improvised sound track to more films from Theis’ collection.

Bergen Impro Storband had their second concert at Wrap this autumn on the 28th of October, led by organist and composer, Sigbjørn Apeland.

Actors Vilde Biserød Vengnes and Herman Lepsøe Ohrvik, musician William Kjeldsberg, and lighting designer Daria Zarbeeva. Photo: Leo Preston

It has been fun to explore new lighting possibilities during these events, using equipment that we recently purchased with support from Kulturrom! The new equipment consists of 4 LED pars (Snow), and 6 analog fresnels (Selecon 650W) along with a GrandMA2 Command Wing and dimmers. This equipment compliments our old video lighting equipment that we have traditionally used for events and video production. The GrandMA 2 platform has been the industry standard used in all the theatres that we know in Bergen. In connection with our technical trainee activities, and with regard to the professional performing arts scene, it was important to us to have this system for controlling lights, which is so widely used and understood. This has already proven to be a wise decision with groups that have rented this equipment during productions at Wrap. The PC driven lighting console is very flexible and can be configured to suit any conceivable (to us) setup, even for very large and technically ambitious productions.  

GrandMA3 was launched in 2018, which has enabled us to find a used MA2 Command Wing at a relevant price.

We have tended not to prioritise lighting equipment at Wrap, due to the fact that our production spaces are unsuitable for traditional theatre lighting, and are usually used during the earlier stages of creating work for the stage. However, due to an increase in the number of interdisciplinary productions and artists who wish to produce and show their work at Wrap, we are finally taking steps to provide some good solutions.

Members of Bergen Impro Storband in Wrap's Large Project Room - showing new lighting truss, teired seating and acoustic treatments (all supported by Kulturrom). Photo: Leo Preston.

In the run-up to Bergen Impro Storband’s concert with Sigbjørn Apeland, we installed a truss in the roof of the Large Project Room. This can be used to hang a modest light rig and/or video projector, providing a very useful upgrade for many of Wrap’s users. The truss can easily be taken down for productions that require the full height of the ceiling free from such an accessory.

New dancefloor in the White Room. Photo: Tim Ekberg

The most significant upgrade we have made to Wrap in several years, is the installation of a sprung dance floor in the White Room. Many dance productions and rehearsals have taken place at Wrap over the years, and dancers are generally happy to work on the wooden floor of the Large Project Room. However, in periods we have found that there is more demand than we can keep up with, and our other production spaces have all had very hard floors until now!

With money from Kulturrom, we have now installed a beautiful fully sprung dance floor in the white room, and upgraded the PA to provide a great sound system for listening to pre-recorded music and/or working with live musicians. We have also removed the old cupboards that lined one wall of this room, and in the not-so-distant future we will be upgrading the electrical infrastructure, to provide more power outlets as well as cabled internet for critical streaming applications!

In keeping with Wrap’s ethos of minimal consumption and maximum recycling, we are proud to have incorporated equipment into our lighting and sound upgrades that has been donated by bigger institutions who no longer needed it, and we have put old speakers back into service with new amplifiers.