Welcome to our new website!

Following a long period in which we were unable to maintain or manage the Wrap website, we have now re-designed the whole thing from the bottom up.

We hope you will quickly be able to find the information you are looking for, and that this will be a useful and informative site, providing up-to-date documentation of all the latest developments at our arts centre.

This time we're using website building software for dummies, and doing it all our selves, but we would like to thank Victor Nystad for his huge technical contributions to the website which was initially launched in 2003.

Cast and crew from Ny Musikk Bergen's production of Lohengrin (Salvatore Sciarrino version) having lunch at Wrap.


If you have trouble reaching us on the regular landline, please use one of the following mobile numbers:numbers

Veronica (general/administrative enquiries): (+47) 45 17 32 16

Leo (technical enquiries): (+47) 40 32 01 32