Wrap is a centre for artistic production and communication, which provides a wide range of facilities to professional artists, on a project-to-project basis. Wrap is artist-run, but none of our facilities are exclusively reserved for any particular artist. Our tools and spaces are maintained and organised by knowledgeable professionals and our prices are subsidised in order to reflect the means of most artists, and to maintain an inclusive profile.

We also initiate and curate various artistic projects that we believe benefit the artistic communities surrounding the centre.

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We are proud to present our autumn program!

10th September - Audioglimt with Stein Urheim & Jørgen Træen

Film to be confirmed.

10th & 11th September - Moving Images dance performance by Grov Productions

24th September - Audioglimt with Sindre Sortland & Arne Sandvoll

Film to be confirmed (Joan of Arc (Dreyer) and Hands of Orlac are possibilities).

15th October - Audioglimt with Tijs Ham & Alwynne Pritchard

Film to be confirmed (visual music such as Walther Ruttmann/Hans Ricther)

22nd October - Florent Ghys & Owen Weaver concert - Plastic Arena.

5th November - Audioglimt with Jostein Gundersen & Hans Knut Sveen

Film av Ellen J. Røed?

14th November - Søndagskrydder with Sonisk Selskap concert led by Bjørn Ognøy

20th November - Sonisk Selskap concert led by Ingvill Espedal

26th November - Audioglimt with John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal

& Øyvind Torvund.

Film to be confirmed (Russian 20’s - possibly Aelita Queen of Mars)

29th November to 5th December - Collective Composition for Speaker Park

6th - 10th December - Composer Week (Speaker Park)

11th - 12th December - Speaker Park Symposium

12th December - Søndagskrydder with Speaker Park concerts

17th December - Audioglimt with Øyvind Hegg-Lunde & Stephan Meidell (Strings and Timpani)

More details comming soon!!