Visual Art Meets Speaker Design

Photo: Jon Pigott (left) and Roar Sletteland experimenting with coneless transducers and enclosures with various materials. Wrap, summer 2018.


The wood and metal workshop at Wrap has been dominated by two projects this summer, which both explore creative approaches to sound design and merge different artistic disciplines.

In early July, artist/makers, Jon Pigott (UK) and Roar Sletteland (N) met at wrap to discuss phase one of a new international project initiated by HDU/Wrap. This project, entitled Speaker Park, will develop a large multi-channel sound-installation that will be used as a platform for the composition and playback of purpose-made musical compositions.

Roar Sletteland is also an integral part of Ursus Productions, which is developing new material for a series of projects called Liminal Face. These projects continue the company's tradition of developing new experimental opera, and will contain experimental sculptural speakers designed by Sletteland.

Working intermittently throughout the summer in Wrap's wood and metal workshop, has enabled Roar to experiment with a wide variety of different speaker designs, some of which will be used by Ursus, and others for Speaker Park.

Jon Pigott visited from the UK, where he will develop his designs, to discuss the conceptual and practical framework of the Speaker Park project, and to experiment with various ideas.

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