Wrap is a centre for artistic production and communication, which provides a wide range of facilities to professional artists, on a project-to-project basis. Wrap is artist-run, but none of our facilities are exclusively reserved for any particular artist. Our tools and spaces are maintained and organised by knowledgeable professionals and our prices are subsidised in order to reflect the means of most artists, and to maintain an inclusive profile.

We also initiate and curate various artistic projects that we believe benefit the artistic communities surrounding the centre.

Recent news:

Speaker Park


Wrap TV - a new way of communicating and sharing news from Wrap and our extended network!

Since we acquired new streaming equipment earlier this year, we’ve been able keep up with Audioglimt much better, and we are now experimenting with a new video format that we hope can provide a regular means of sharing news and insights with you.

In Episode 3 (above) Leo talks about the latest productions at Wrap, which include projects by Avgarde, Ine Terese Hogstad/David Alræk, Carlos Salinas and Tres Musicos, and about Wraps various programming frameworks and initiatives.

Wrap’s first website was designed by the very talented Victor Nystad, who was inspired by companies like Apple that pioneered a minimalistic home page which focused on the most relevant and current news (or product). The idea that we should have the latest news from Wrap on our “front” page has stuck, but it’s sa concept that hasn’t worked well with our current web-design & publishing software. It feels therefore like quite a major breakthrough to have decided on this new format, which will post regularly to Facebook and Youtube, as well as this page!

No doubt the show will evolve and become more streamlined as we go along.