Online premier of Transiteatret's Tilstander av Unntak

Promo image for Tilstander av Unntak with Transiteatret-Bergen. Online premier at Wrap 22nd June kl.15:00


Tilstander av Unntak is playwright & director Tore Vagn Lid's latest project with Transiteatret-Bergen, which explores and processes records of the day of terror experienced in Norway on the 22nd of July 2011.

Transiteatret have developed Tilstander av Unntak at Wrap, and will soon move the production to Harstad for it's theatre premier at Festspillene i Nord-Norge. However, as this particular production wishes to explore and to stretch notions of how a theatre experience and it's audience interact, there will be an online premier, with streaming-based events taking place at "listening-posts" across the country on the 22nd of June!

Wrap is pleased to be such a listening-post, and invites you to join us for this unique event on Saturday the 22nd of June at 15:00!

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