illustrated guide to performing arts production in Bergen

Sunday, 15 November 2015 14:33

In response to proposed cuts to Bergen City Councils funding of the arts sector, Proscen has released this illustrated guide which shows key components in the unique production infrastructure that has been established in Bergen since the implementation of Bergen's Kunstplan. The proposed cuts follow years without any increase to funding (meaning a real term decrease) and would effectively represent the end of the Councils commitment to the ten year plan, which was due to last until the end of 2017.

Bergen Council's first Kunstplan (Arts Plan) was agreed unilaterally in 1997, and was followed by the current plan which spans 2008 - 2017. The strategies laid out in these plans are widely respected, and seen as a major contributor to the growth of the cities student and creative populations.

Recent activity

30th of October saw a new premier from Adele Lærum Duus, who's children's performance shares the title of her second book, Farfars Bombekrater, launched on the same day by publisher Mangschou. This is one of the many productions that Duus has made at Wrap.

Studio Bey is a design team currently based in Bergen, consisting of Cecilia Xinyu Zhang and  Sigrid Hägg. They were recently at Wrap to produce a prototype in our wood and metal workshop.