Exploring Radical Arts Infrastructure Around Europe

Friday, 19 August 2016 14:06

Research tour in Europe

Leo Preston and Veronica Thorseth have recently arrived back in Bergen from a three week research trip, during which they visited various pioneering arts institutions, and discussed themes related to "what a radical arts institution might look like". They met with eight representatives from different types of pioneering institutions and artistic practices.

This research is connected to the forthcoming event, entitled What Might A Radical Arts Institution Look Like In Bergen, which will be held at the former fire station as part of the Partisan Cafe program curated by Freethought for Bergen Assembly.

The research, and the event are aimed at stimulating a wide discussion about the state of Bergen's cultural infrastructure, and what constructive, sustainable and inspirational new steps might be taken to further the city's ambitions as an important nordic city of culture.

Autumn Program at Wrap

We are also proud to present two unique series of concerts involving the cream of Bergen's music scene this autumn. These series are:

Audioglimt, where musicians perform their own specially composed/improvised soundtracks to films.

...and Sonisk Selskap, a project designed to bring musicians together for creative sessions with local producers in the AV Lab, with informal Thursday evening concerts and monthly Saturday concerts where each months recorded highlights will be released on a new record label - co-owned by everyone who buys a ticket.

Crab is Crap opens the new Audioglimt series 26th August, with a cozy friday night of Pizza and TV

Crab is Crap is an unusual duo consisting of two of Bergen's most acclaimed drummers, Øyvind (with the dark hair) Skarbø, and Øyvid (with the light hair) Hegg-Lunde. For the opening of our new Audioglimt series, they have teamed up with guitarist Ole Andre Farstad, to create a unique audio-visual experience for anyone that has ever enjoyed the Norwegian TV and pizza experience on a friday night!

More info to follow on Facebook.

Avant-garde Jumble Sale

Following Crab is Crap featuring Ole Andre Farstad on 26th August, comes our Avant-garde Jumble Sale which will last non-stop from Saturday 27th to Sunday 28th August, with performances, DJ, food, and some of the craziest jumble (including scenography, obsolete audio-visual equipment, furniture and much much more) you have ever seen!

Dancing Tables in the Partisan Café Program “Spectres of Infrastructure” by Freethought at Bergen Assembly 2016

5th of September 2016, 17.00-21.00

What might a radical arts institution look like in Bergen?

The enactment of Bergen's Kunstplan in 1997 was followed by 18 years of rapid developments to the cities cultural infrastructure. A pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit has driven these developments, and enabled a new ecosystem of artistic production to grow, in spite of disruptive market forces.

How can this energetic and vibrant spirit continue to thrive and to serve the artist community on it's own terms, in an increasingly multifaceted cultural economy? How does the politics of property ownership affect Bergen's cultural infrastructure and creative spirit? And what alternatives might be explored?

Looking at these questions within an international as well as a national and local context, we aim to develop a broader understanding of where we might be heading, and what might be an appropriate vocabulary with which to communicate our positions within this dynamic landscape – particularly as we approach the re-evaluation of Kunstplanen in 2017.


Florian Malzacher, Leo Preston & Veronica Thorseth 


Moderated by Melanie Fieldseth with special guests Evelyn Holm, Sven Åge Birkeland and Iver S. Findley, which will be opened up to the whole floor.

There will be writing on the walls.

Inside information will be shared.

 In collaboration with Wrap (Leo Preston and Veronica Thorseth)