Speaker Park Premier

Friday, 15 March 2019 13:46

Speaker Park is an on-going audio-visual art project, involving several collaborators and combining research, speaker design, musical composition and workshops. The central component is an installation comprising 24 very different speakers that are both visually and acoustically unique.

The project premiered with its first "concert installation" during Borealis festival of experimental music in Bergen on the 9th of March, with works composed specifically for this unique installation.

Using the metaphoric analogy of a park, the speakers are arranged in a way that creates a landscape in which the audience is encouraged to explore different views and sonic perspectives.

The speakers were designed by Roar Sletteland and Jon Pigott, and compositions were specially commissioned from Mari Kvien Brunvoll and Antti Sakari Saario. Leo Preston and Veronica Thorseth developed the concept, in collaboration with the other artists.

From the 30th of March to the 7th of April, Speaker Park will reside at Oseana culture centre in Os, with workshops and a drop-in shared composition taking place during the exhibition, and a chance to experience the concert installation with Brunvoll and Saario's works at the following times:

30/03: Opening Concert at 14:00

31/03: Concert Installation at 14:00

05/04: Concert Installation with new shared composition (premier) at 19:00

06/04: Concert Installation with new shared composition at 14:00

07/04: Concert Installation with new shared composition at 14:00