Collaboration with Tag Team and Annn-Christin Kongsness

Monday, 10 February 2020 18:07

In addition to hosting and co-producing all manner of cool projects, Wrap will also present a broad ranging program of events in 2020, and will launch a new internship for technicians who want to develop their knowledge with an interdisciplinary approach. This internship is supported by Bergen City Council, Arts Council Norway, and is a collaboration with key institutions and artists in Bergen.


Audioglimt continues to present some of the most interesting and accomplished musicians from the region, who each take on the challenge of performing a soundtrack to a film of their choice. There are two new concerts in this series in January:

Terje Isungset and Per Jørgensen will perform to the Laurel and Hardy film Saps at Sea on the 24th.

Marita Moe Sandven and Ole Amund Gjersvik will perform to a film by Werner Herzog (TBC) on the 31st. This is a late evening concert, and coincides with a whole evening of events, starting with Transiteatret’s “listening post” at Brunnosten (Møllendal Pavilion) and ending with bar and DJ at Wrap.

The full Audioglimt program is available here.

Plastic Arena

We want to enable professional artists to show their work on their own terms by providing a flexible platform for exhibitions, performances and other presentations.

In an effort to reach out and be more visible in the local community, we have decided to host occasional events at Brunnosten, which is the nickname given to Møllendal Pavilion by students at the Art Academy. Wrap will inhabit the pavilion during the last week of January, where we will host Transiteatret’s “listening post” on the 28th, 30th and 31st

Transiteatret’s listening post is a development of the concept that was first presented last year at Wrap, enabling an audience to experience the performance Tilstander av Unntak in a unique semi-live setting, with two-way real-time video/audio streaming. This version of the listening post will be transmitting from/to a staged version of the performance at Vega Scene in Oslo.

In a collaboration with our neighbours at Tag Team, we are co-hosting a workshop in creative writing and a performance by Ann-Christin Kongsness on the second Saturday in February.

We will also be hosting work-in-progress performances from Singer/Composer/Performer, Alwynne Pritchard, and Dancer/Choreographer, Caroline Eckly.


Bring together many of the things we love - art, discussion, food, music and more - we are reviving the Sunday afternoon umbrella concept, Søndagskrydder!

This will be a family-friendly event which starts with a super cozy cookery class for everyone in search of new cooking inspiration (mystery chef to be announced nearer the time) and covers a program of short concerts/talks/presentations/exhibitions as well as great food and drink.   

På Bølgelengde - Sonisk Selskap

We will start a new series of musical jam-sessions under the leadership of inspiring band leaders, producers and composers. These jams will result in performances and recordings. Watch this space!


We want to help grow and strengthen Bergen’s prolific and vibrant sonic art and music scene by offering residencies in our AV Lab to talented artists who want to try out interesting new ideas from around the world. This years AV Lab residency will be with musician/composer, John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal (US), video artist, Maja Wilhite-Hannisdal (NO), and artist/writer, Manuel Arturo Abreu (DO).

Speaker Park

We will continue to tour and to develop new compositions for Speaker Park, our unique sound system and 24-channel audiovisual artwork! In November/December we will celebrate the Speaker Park and it’s growing repertoire with a symposium. Composers who would like to create a Speaker Park version of a composition, or a complete new composition, will be given a special opportunity to do this with technical assistance at Wrap during the week before the symposium.