Interdisciplinary Workflow

Wednesday, 30 March 2022 14:25

Wrap is all about interdisciplinary workflow. We love making our own work with the professional tools and digital infrastructure that Wrap provides, and we love to see how groups such as URSUS, Transiteatret and Happy Gorilla Dance Company have developed the way they create work with set design, music and rehearsals happening parallel in different rooms. Many interesting side projects and new collaborations have sprung out of these projects, and we love to see the connections that happen between different artists, technicians and producers who meet at Wrap.

In 2017, film maker-duo Øystein Nesheim and Anders Elsrud Hultgreen teamed up with special effects wizard June Midttvet Olsen, to develop a pilot for what became the 25 minute splatter movie, Hospital Dumpster Divers, released in 2020. Movie making, like performing arts production, is interdisciplinary in nature. Åtsel film built the entire film set for Hospital Dumpster Divers, consisting of five separate rooms, at Wrap. They also created all their monter trolls and special effects, rehearsed, and filmed the entire film at Wrap.

Now that Hospital Dumpster Divers has been an international success, winning too many awards to list, it was our great pleasure to host the company’s second movie production, Kloakheksene.

Once again the entire set (apart from some short scenes shot on location) was built and set-up at Wrap. Kloakheksene stars two of Bergen’s independent contemporary dancers/artists, Roskva Yasmin Andersen and Brita Grov.

To celebrate the fact that Hospital Dumpster Divers is now available to stream for free on Vimeo and Youtube, we have released an interview with Øystein Nesheim and Anders Elsrud Hultgreen, showing behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the film. This was shown at our eclectic Sunday matiné event, Søndagskrydder, along with the film its self. This edition of Søndagskrydder featured a video and sound work by Jeremy Welsh and Trond Lossius, entitled The Atmospherics 11, as well a new children’s theatre performance by Lys Levende Adele, called Monsterbesøk (so the younger audience had an alternative to Hospital Dumpster Divers) and a cookery course led by Anglo-Indian curry expert Dave Catheral, and a talk by researchers who are monitoring trout and Wrasse in our local river.