Full Tempo

Thursday, 26 January 2023 19:15

Full Tempo!

2023 started with lots of artists working on exciting projects, as well as new equipment for the AV Lab, and new Audioglimt concerts!

Visual artist, Kiyoshi Yamamoto, has been working on new projects in our paint workshop, Musician/composer.

Ole André Farstad, has been recording over-dubs and editing recordings for several forthcoming music releases.

History Disposal Unit worked on new developments to Speaker Park in the Big Project Room, including a new composition that is under commission from Leo Preston and Owen Weaver.

Open Window Theatre has been creating a new solo puppet show for adults, called Panoptikon. It is a “kaleidoscopic show combining objects, live performance, puppetry, animation/video, song and music” performed by Open Window’s own artistic leader, Dominika Minkacz.

The Panoptikon production has been using the workshop suite (wood and metalwork, electronics and paint workshops) as well as Wrap’s Big Project Room, and Studio A (AV Lab) in order to have the whole international production team working together under the same roof.

Artistic Director and Performer: Dominika Minkacz

Director: Przemysław Jaszczak

Script: Magda Fertacz

Set, puppets and costumes: Aleksandra Starzyńska

Music: Urszula Chrzanowska

Animation: Michał Matecki

Voices: Bjørn «Bamse» Willberg Andersen, Arild Brakstad, Harald Nødtvedt.

Lighting Design: Jon Eirik Sira

Technical & Robotics: Mathias Grønsdal

Stage Manager & helper: Maja Bergebakken Sundt

Translator: Julia Wiedlocha

Producer: Aistė Žumbakyte & Syv Mil

Panoptikon can be seen in Bergen at Cornerteateret from the 10th to the 12th of february.

Wrap’s also offers it’s own varied and unique program:

3rd February: Audioglimt (live music to film) with Johan Lindvall (piano), Natali Abrahamsen Garner (voice) & Magnus Nergaard (double bass). 

10th February: Audioglimt (live music to film) with Daiyen Jone Castro (voice & flute), Gaute Ullestad Moen (percussion) & Jakob Nisja Gjennes (double bass).

17th February: Audioglimt (live music to film) with Annlaug Børsheim (hardingfele).

17th & 18th March: Tyttebærpolitiet (theatre) by Friends For Fun.

22nd & 23rd April: Speaker Park Symposium. New music compositions, performances and talks featuring and exploring the potential of the iconic Speaker Park installation.

To be confirmed: Sonisk Selskap with musical directors Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen and Benedicte Maurseth - Wrap’s signature multimedia improvisation platform, giving musicians a unique opportunity to explore new collaborations and sonic territory through no-pressure micro-residencies

with a full technical crew, culminating in public interdisciplinary improvised concerts and new recordings.