Autumn Update. Kunstbussen, Persistent Disequilibrium and more

Thursday, 28 September 2023 17:19

Persistent Disequilibrium

Saturday 30th September, between 15:00 & 18:00 is an opportunity to see the results of a week-long residency in the Big Project Room with Øyvind Brandtsegg, Tijs Ham, Trond Lossius and Jeremy Welsh. This work represents the latest iteration of the ongoing project, Persistent Disequilibrium, which explores feedback loops, tipping points, chaotic occurrences, interactions between materials and sound waves, multiple video projections, improvisation and experimentation.


This year we celebrated Wrap’s 20th anniversary. The project has been a way of life filled with new relationships and discoveries, experimentation, surprises, frustrations, breakthroughs, politics, expansion, exhaustion, gratefulness and excitement. It’s an adventure that has cost us sacrifices, but the sense that we are enabling and nurturing a community of independent artists from different disciplines, ages, ethnicities and interests, has always motivated us to continue.

Wrap is about developing infrastructure and projects that inspire and empower artists to work and collaborate in ambitious new ways. As an artist-run project with a very modest budget this work has been slow and painstaking, but we have made steady progress every year. We’re proud to offer a suite of facilities that combines the most basic essentials with elegant and accessible solutions for advanced technical workflows across various artistic disciplines.

To continue developing this project, it has become increasingly urgent for us to operate beyond Wrap’s physical space in Bergen, to explore and to nurture relationships on a wider geographic and cultural plane. Understanding infrastructure as an important aspect of our artistic practices, it is time for new challenges, and a more mobile, outward-looking way of life. An imprortant part of the solution is Kunstbussen - a bus that serves various functions throughout the year, including a minimalistic home, a traveling ambassador for our work, and a means of bringing artistic projects out of Wrap and into new settings.

The bus is a Scania 116 from 1979. We acquired it in August, and are planing a tour to three different venues in Vestland County this autumn/winter (watch this space for more details) with projects by different artists connected to Wrap. It wouldn’t be a good solution for us if the bus ran on fossil fuel, so we are converting it to run on recycled vegetable oil. In early September we drove the bus to England, where the most complex part of the conversion was carried out by a company called 2Toc (Devon). Following further modifications that are scheduled this autumn, the bus will be optimised for running on pure vegetable oil, with just a tiny amount of diesel for starting and for flushing the system after use. We are very proud to announce this new addition to History Disposal Unit’s ecosystem, and look forward to sharing more details as the project progresses over the next years! Wrap Satellite is a project in which Kunstbussen will visit various sibling venues and initiatives, this has so far been made possible with funding from Vestland Fylkeskommune KUP.

Busy Summer

Thanks to Lina Fjørtoft, Sykehusklovnene, URSUS, Ole André Farstad, Roseane dos Reis, Happy Gorilla Dance Co, Gabrielle Barth, Bergen Storband, Eventyr i Parken, 71 Bodies, Haflidi Arnar, Kiyoshi Yamamoto and Sturla Alvsvåg for being and working at Wrap this summer!