Soft Manifesto

torsdag 12. oktober 2017

Norsk (please scroll down for English):

Wrap har sammarbeidet med poesidigg og Bergen Dansesenter om å få forestillingen Soft Manifesto til Bergen og Cornerteatret!

Forestillingen finner sted på Cornerteatret 20/10 & 21/10...

Leap of Faith

fredag 28. juli 2017


Happy Gorilla Dance Company er godt i gang med produksjonen av "Leap of Faith", som har premiere på årets Meteorfestival (26. oktober 2017). I denne sammenheng har kompaniet allerede hatt tre arbeidsperioder på Wrap, i februar,...

Wheels Within Wheels

fredag 7. juli 2017


I løpet av den siste tiden har forskningsprosjektet Wheels Within Wheels gjestet Wrap. Prosjektet er ledet av Jostein Gundersen, og er under Griegakademiets program for kunstnerisk utvikling. Det undersøker tidligmusikk og samtidsmusikk...

Set Designers at Wrap

søndag 21. mai 2017

Norsk:Wraps verksteder er flittig brukt av kunstnere innen mange forskjellige disipliner. Verkstedene er dessuten lagt til rette for arbeid i forskjellige materialer og metoder og er derfor meget godt egnet for produksjon av scenografi og rekvisitter.

Two musical works with a focus on recycling (and cycling)

tirsdag 28. februar 2017

There has been a noticeable focus on recycling in this spring's productions at Wrap.

Sustain is a concert play in which five musicians perform an especially composed new work by the Bergen based composer duo, Sagn. The music will be...

Audioglimt presents Crab is Crap ft. Ole André Farstad

mandag 29. august 2016

Crab is Crap kicked off our autumn Audioglimt season, where musical artists are challenged to create their own live soundtracks to a chosen film. Since then Wrap has been enjoying a particularly busy autumn of events and productions. Our next...

Exploring Radical Arts Infrastructure Around Europe

fredag 19. august 2016

Research tour in EuropeLeo Preston and Veronica Thorseth have recently arrived back in Bergen from a three week research trip, during which they visited various pioneering arts institutions, and discussed themes related to "what a radical arts...

Big plans for Wrap could have huge impact for Bergen arts scene

fredag 22. juli 2016

New PlansSince our last post, we have, together with Bergen City Council, concluded years of complicated negotiations with our landlords. It is now agreed that Bergen Council will continue to rent the property in which Wrap is located for the...

illustrated guide to performing arts production in Bergen

søndag 15. november 2015

In response to proposed cuts to Bergen City Councils funding of the arts sector, Proscen has released this illustrated guide which shows key components in the unique production infrastructure that has been established in Bergen since the implementation...

DIY Music and new performing arts productions

tirsdag 6. oktober 2015

On the 26th of September, Wrap hosted the first in a series of workshops that explore the world of sonic experimentation, building DIY instruments and composing for these instruments, with the aim of performing together as an ensemble.

Veronica Thorseth and Leo Preston awarded Bergen Kulturpris 2015.

mandag 7. september 2015

On friday 11th of September, Veronica and Leo recieved this award for their years of pioneering hard work in developing and sustaining Wrap arts centre as a production hub that supports independant artists in the realisation of ambitious projects...

Workshop upgrades and new productions

onsdag 19. august 2015

A new season of productions kicks off with several new tools in the workshop!

We are currently upgrading our workshop for wood and metalwork with new tools, thanks to support from Norsk Kulturråd (Norwegian Arts Council).


Tim Steiner directs giant experimental music impro with Bergen Impro Storband

fredag 25. april 2014

Bergen Improstorband were visited by the English composer, Tim Steiner for a series of workshops/rehearsals at Wrap, which culminated in a concert at Røkeriet, USF, with a huge ensemble.

Anita Bjørkli began exploring ideas for a new...

Cecilia Jonsson creates new visual installation in Wrap's wood and metalworkshop

fredag 28. mars 2014


Cecilia Jonsson har jobet på tre og metalverkstedet med de siste tekniske aspektene ved en installasjon som ingår i hennes soloutstilling, The Seed of Metals, på CirkulationsCentralen i Malmö (4/4 - 27/4). Installasjonen, som...

New production from Adele Duus in collaboration with BIT20 at Wrap

fredag 27. desember 2013

Complex scenography and heftig debateEnglish:

BIT20 and Adele Duus have collaborated on a  work called Lydfabrikken (the soundfactory) for children. They had an intense production fase in our wood and metall workshop, producing the...

New exploration in sound, video and performance at Wrap

fredag 22. november 2013

The white room is a popular space for work with puppet theatre, sound and video. The most recent group to venture on a new project in there is Anita Bjørkli, Bjarte Helland and Runar and Sara Bruteig Olsen, with their project Et dypdykk i Lillelungeren...

Livestock on a new oil adventure at Wrap

fredag 25. oktober 2013


Livestock have re-made their atmospheric performance with Karen Skog Orchestra, Et Oljeeventyr (An Oil Adventure/Fairytale) from 2011. Both the original (Norwegian) version, and this new (English) version have been produced...

New performance from thud! produced at Wrap

fredag 27. september 2013


thud! moving endangered spaces has worked on its dance installation for young children, preparing for a tour of this work to the Botanical Gardens in Oslo and Tou Scene in Stavanger. In Stavanger they will be showing a new...

Happy gorillas meet industrial vultures

lørdag 7. september 2013

Happy Gorilla Dance Company is collaborating with prominent Bergen based metalers, Vulture Industries at Wrap, to explore the theme of dogmatic thought in what will become three works. The results of this collaboration will be a performance-consert,...

Exclusive pre-premier screening of Pappeske by Jean-Batman Associés

fredag 23. august 2013

In August it was our pleasure to host a screening of the short dance film Pappeske by Jean-Batman Associés. The film was shoot and developed at Wrap in 2011, and we were delighted when choreographer Julien Andujar and producer Charlotte Dufranc...