The area around Wrap is being gentrified, and there are various building projects taking place in front of our building & car park which makes Wrap hard to find!

The entrance to Wrap is over a temporary bridge, and past a somewhat inconvenient boom.

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Wrap is located near the university Faculty of Art, Design and Music, in Møllendalsveien.

To get here by public transport, take bus nummber 12 or 21 from the city centre, and get off by the student appartments (SiB). The stop is called Møllendal.

You can also take bus number 13 from Laksevåg / Danmarksplas, or take the tram to Florida, and walk along Møllendalsveien.

If you have the time / inclination, it only takes about 20 minutes to walk to Wrap (around Store Lungegårdsvannet) from the city centre.