Sonisk Selskap - Drums & Drones

November 12 - 14

Sonic Sheriff: Bjørn Ognøy

Concert 14.11.21 at 16:00 (with dancers from ImproLaBergen)


Espen Lund - Trumpet/Electronics

Simon Kjelsvik - Double Bass (5 string)

Kristoffer Riis - Guitar

Bjørn Ognøy - Guitar

Jard Hole - Drums

Nils Are Drønen - Drums

Thore Warland - Drums


Rita Maria Farias Munoz

Ewa Lorenc

Monica Reksten

Ine Terese Hogstad

Marit Loe Bjørnstad

Anaïs Carreras

Mai Veronica Lykke Robles Thorseth

Dance Score:

Marit Loe Bjørnstad og Mai Veronica Lykke Robles Thorseth


Sound Engineer - Paal Rasmussen

Technical Coordinator - Leo Preston

Live Video Streames - Stian Remvik

Technical Assistent - Aisté Žumbakyté

Camera - Marte Bleu

Camera - Nils Nesse

Cameras - Thomas B. Brandt

This was the second season of Sonisk Selskap in Wrap’s AV Lab. It was led by Bjørn Ognøy and recorded by Paal Rasmussen. The final concert was presented on Sunday 14th November with dance improvisation by dancers from ImproLaBergen in three different rooms around the arts centre.

Improvisation is a tool that all the participating musicians value within their respective practices although they come from a range of different backgrounds and playing styles.  The unusual choice of three drummers was underpinned by an emphasis on space and discipline.

Each drummer was limited as to the number of components in their kit, and other musicians were limited as to the number of effects pedals they could bring, to keep the focus on the interplay between the whole ensemble. The focus was on subtlety evolving soundscapes rather than on solos.

A starting point was to bring together particular characteristics from noise rock as well as other familiar improvisation milieus. However, Ognøy’s primary interest was in the natural chemistry between the members of this never-before-united ensemble. It was therefore neither appropriate nor desirable to define a musical genre in advance.

Bjørn Ognøy’s musical background is primarily from rock and metal, but over the past 10 years or so he has worked a lot with improvisation; both as a solo artist, in duos, ad-hoc constellations and regular bands, as well as Bergen Impro Big Band, in which he has served as a board member for 10 years.

Leo Preston is Artistic Director at Wrap and designer of Wrap’s AV Lab. He was also one of the driving forces behind the annual musical gatherings in Ibsensgate 31 that gave birth to Sonisk Selskap. He is a musician, songwriter, playwright and theatre maker who’s work has been performed throughout Norway as well as Mexico and Portugal. His intimate understanding of the technical framework at Wrap is at the core of what makes unique events like this one possible.

Paal Rasmussen studied music technology and production at what is now London Metropolitan University, and ran a commercial studio in Asker. He has recorded a wide variety of genres represented by artists such as DDE, Det Betales, To Rustne Herrer, Kristiansand kammerorkester, Julie Felix, Ketil Bjørnstad, Jan Erik Wold, Kåre Virud, Mattis Hætta, Hans Rotmo, Mohr, Ellen Bøtker and Heidi Hauge.

Rasmussen is also known for his work with surround mixes, and with speaker and acoustic design. He is currently engaged with designing the room acoustics in Studio A in the AV Lab.

Drums & Drones

Bjørn Ognøy talkes about putting together his ensemble!