Studio A area: 38.5m2

For composing, mixing, recording, post-production and rehearsals

Hight: 3 meters

Studio B area: 71.3m2

For rehearsals and pre-production, recording, project development, events.

Dry room area: 8m2

Download equipment list with hire prices here.

Wrap Recording Studio combines a spacious live room with good acoustics, quality microphones and recording equipment, good instruments and experienced technicians. Although this is a great place to make proffessional recordings of music for comercial release, it is also intended as a laboritory for collaborative and interdisciplinary projects.  

This is an affordable studio which offers a great recording environment with good work flow, perfect for large or small bands/ensembles who want a professional recording to promote their music. Wrap is a great place to make connections with people who might be interested in collaborating on videos, dance productions etc, and the spacious canteen provides a perfect place for musicians to relax when a break is needed.

Our focus is on a relaxed environment with flexible solutions, good workflow, good microphones and A/D converters. The studio is also a suitable place to mix, or to work on experimental projects of various kinds.

In addition to the main live room, the studio has a “dry” room (or booth) for vocals and other dry recordings. Other workshops, rooms and hallways around the art centre provide adventurous musicians with alternative live rooms, where particular acoustic qualities are desired.

A thriving community of freelance musicians, sonic artists, composers and producers makes Wrap a logical place to contact if you are a film maker, choreographer or theatre director who is looking for original sound scores or sound effects. Voice overs, and music/soundscapes for film and theatre were the initial focus of the studio, but the project has developed with time.

AV Lab

As of late 2017, we will open our new AV Lab, a suite of three rooms designed for a comprehensive range of projects where audio is a major focus.



    3 X DPA 2011A

    3 X Shure 98AMP (for drums)

    2 X AKG C 414 XLS (stereo pair)

    1 X Langavin CR3A (excellent vocal mic)

    1 X AKG C 451 B

    1 X AKG C 3000 B

    1 X AKG C 1000 S

    1 X Senheiser K6 (with ME 65)


    3 X Sure Beta57

    3 X Sure SM58

    3 X Sure SM57

    1 X Sure Beta52

    + miscellaneous



    Yamaha Stage Custom (Cranberry Red. 5 piece)

    Kick = 20"

    Snare = 14" Steel/chrome

   Yamaha Stage Custom (Honey Amber. 5 piece)

   Kick = 22"

   Snare = 14" Birch (ply)

Piano (upright)

Guitar amplifiers:

    Fender '65 Twin Reverb

    Marshal JVM410H

    Vox AC151TV (Vintage wired, 50th anniversary edition)

    Vox AC30C2

    Kemper Profiling Amp (proffesional amp simulator with many amp profiles)

    Trace Elliot Super Tramp (grimy sounding old combo with valves)

Guitar speaker cabinet:

    Marshal 1960AV (4X12)

Bass Amplifiers:

    Ampeg BA2010

    Trace Elliot Gp11 Mk V (4X10 combo)

    Kemper Profiling Amp

For Information about hardware, instruments, cabling, back-line etc, please contact us personally.