AV Lab

Our new AV Lab is a suite of three rooms for music, video, sonic art, and other audio-visual productions. Studio A is particularly suited to post-production, as it provides a fully soundproofed and acousticaly treated room with excellent studio monitors.

Video equipment at Wrap

Video has become an important tool to many artists, and in many different situations. Wrap strives to provide professional tools that empower artists to get the best results with their video work. Our equipment pool is slowly but steadily evolving, and our focus is on how to best serve the needs of a broad community of interdisciplinary artists, rather than necessarily staying at the forefront of every technological development. Please contact us to discuss the needs of your project.

Professional Documentation

Wrap can also provide professional video documentation of theatre/dance performances, exhibitions etc. using our equipment and collaborating with freelance artists/technicians who are familiar with it.


2 X studio floods with reflective barndoors (Ianiro Studio Cool, ICE 6”) dimmable (manual / DMX).

3 X Ianiro Lilliput (kit with stands, barndoors etc.)

Note: Other lighting sources (not specifically designed for video) may also be available.

Chroma Wall:

We provide a large green screen (Chroma), which has been successfully used by various artists.


Sony HVR-Z7E with progressive scaning, interchangeable lens, hybrid solid-state/cassett recording as well as HD/SD, VERY good light sensitivity.

Panasonic (Lumix) DMC-GX80, very flexible "compact system" camera with Micro Four Thirds lens/ sensor and 4K video (including slow motion). Very feature-rich camera, compatible with a wide range of interchangable lenses.

Sony DSR-PDX10P with a good lens, 3 CCD’s and quality sound, for rich, colourful SD footage with a small, hastle-free camera

Tripod & Dolly equipment:

Manfrotto 144Bird. Dolly with smooth, remote pedal power, 6 meters of track

Audio Equipment:

Zoom H4n portable solid-state recorder with good built-in sterio mics, and preamps for external mics (including phantom). See Music Facilities for detailed list of audio & recording equipment.

Super 8:

Nizo 801 macro - The classic first-choice 8mm camera of underground film makers for decades. Eumig Nautica (for underwater super 8 fun and psychedelia)

We also have equipment for the transfer of super 8, VHS and other analogue formats to digital video and DVD, VJ equipment such as video projectors, Triple Head 2 Go etc, and equipment that can be useful for stop motion animations. Our video equipment is primarily intended for use at Wrap.


Download equipment list with hire prices here.