Area: 101m2

Hight: 3,44 m, sliding garage doors 2,98m

Per day: 220,- (NOK)

Per week: 1000,- (NOK)

At the centre of Wrap both physically and conceptually, the metal and wood workshop is the largest room in our workshop suite. You can drive a whole caravan into the space (yes it has been done) and work on very large objects, or adapt the space in a number of ways to suit your specific needs.

Here you have access to a variety of precise and reliable saws for wood, metal and synthetic materials, as well as routers, sanders, drills and hand tools such as clamps, planes, rasps, chisels and much more. There is also (mig) welding equipment that can be set up for steel or aluminium, a metal lathe, and equipment for bending sheet metal and pipes.

We have developed a system for recycling materials, so the workshop is somewhere were you can often find the extra wood, screws or pieces of metal that you need to complete your project without having to drive to a far-off builders supply shop! We also stock a variety of materials and useful bits and pieces that can be purchased directly from Wrap. This is an attempt to make your work as hassle-free as possible, rather than being a fully fledged store.

From the Wood and Metal workshop you can directly access the other rooms in the workshop suite (see below).

The workshop suite is used by scenographers/set builders, visual artists, and a growing number of freelancers who take on this type of work on behalf of various artists, groups and institutions. Our goal is to provide a flexible range of professional and reliable tools that are easy to use, while keeping as much of the floor-space open as possible to enable working on a big scale.

The suite has been constantly evolving as we host more projects and discover new potential. The workshop is an invaluable resource for art school graduates that suddenly find themselves without access to the comprehensive facilities afforded by schools.