Workshop activity, spring 2018

Photo: Anders Elsrud Hultgreen, June Midttveit Olsen and Øystein Nesheim in the workshop at Wrap with dumpster troll production.


Hospital Dumpster Divers is a "live action medical waste creature feature horror comedy" written and directed by Anders Elsrud Hultgreen. Mutant dumpster trolls were developed at Wrap by Øystein Nesheim (production and creature design) and special effects supervisor, June Midttveit Olsen. The team has now allied themselves with producer Ragna Nordhus Midtgard of Mer Film. The production is supported by Vestnorsk Filmsenter.

Ursus productions are underway with their third new opera production, entitled Liminal Face.

Following project development in Oslo, the team has now begun work at Wrap, where they have recently been developing a miniature set which will feature in a preview of the project at Siljustøl (outside Bergen) during a day of experimental concerts programed by Avgarde on the 22nd of April.

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