Projects by HDU - under the artistic leadership of Leo Preston & Mai Veronica Lykke Robles Thorseth:

Kunstbussen (On going since 2023)

Speaker Park (On going since 2019)

What Might A Radical Arts Institution Look Like In Bergen? (2016)

Kunstikit (2011 - 2012)

Bakhagefestivalen (2008)

2nd Year Aniversary (2005)

Made at Wrap

As an open interdisciplinary production hub, Wrap hosts somewhere between 35 - 40 individual productions per year, by a wide variety of artists/groups. The majority of these productions rent space and tools (at symbolic, subsidised rates) to work autonomously on their own terms at Wrap. Such projects generally fall into the category “Made at Wrap” and are allocated facilities on a fist-come-first-served basis.

Co-Produced with Wrap

Many projects make use of specialist equipment (primarily audio and video) as well as consulting us on technical, artistic and logistical issues. Projects that benefit from significant help with equipment and/or other assistance, are usually considered co-productions with Wrap.

Collaborations with Wrap

In exceptional cases where we see the potential for an interesting exchange of knowledge and/or inspiring new artistic and infrastructural relationships, Wrap will support artists/groups with residencies and in some cases also technical and/or artistic contributions. Such projects are categorised as collaborations with Wrap.

These three categories were first defined after 17 years of developing what we do to suit different needs, always with a focus on serving as many professional artists as possible, and on serving projects fairly and respectfully. Categorisation helps us to communicate what we do, but the criteria that define these categories are constantly open to negotiation.

Artistic program at Wrap

Wrap Satellite

A radical aproach to touring and making conections between different communities with HDU's own bus that runs on vegetable oil.


A series in which musicians/ensembles are invited to perform an alternative soundtrack to a film.

Sonisk Selskap

A varied series of curated musical improvisation workshops that culminate with live events, and recordings. Dance improvisation is also incorporated in parts of the workshops and live events.


Events on Sunday afternoons that always begin with a food course for those who are interested in cooking. Great food, live music and a wide variety of content such as exhibitions, talks and performances. Also stuff that kids like.

Plastic Arena

Plasticity/adaptability is an important feature of Wrap and what we stand for. Every year we enable artists to show their work on their own terms in ways that benefit from the informal setting of Wrap.

In order for Wrap to flourish, HDU has continued to program events that invite different artists and cultural figures to contribute by posing them with inspiring challenges.

Technical training and mentorship

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