About the project

Sonisk Selskap brings musicians together in new constellations, in a uniquely supportive and inspiring environment, and challenges them collectively to generate new musical material through improvisational strategies led by selected directors, creating unique recordings, concerts and experiences.

Sonisk Selskap is inspired by annual gatherings of like-minded musicians that took place each summer during the early days of Wrap (in Ibsensgate 31).

Wrap’s AV Lab is an extremely flexible and technically sophisticated environment for music production. Together with the experienced engineers/technicians who understand its full potential, and Wraps unique artistic/curatorial leadership, this offers an opportunity to create very unique projects that offer unusual opportunities and possibilities. Sonisk Selskap will be a project that takes place several times per year, resulting in a concert as well as musical releases each time.

A new leader, known as the Sonic Sherif, will be appointed to lead each period. Their job will be to define the desired musical genre, invite appropriate musicians, prepare each session during the relevant period, and lead these sessions in cooperation with an appropriate sound engineer and studio technician. They will also be responsible for any post-production, in collaboration with the technical crew.

Sonic sherifs will be chosen that have broad experience of working within a particular musical sphere and leading musical projects. Sonic Selskap guidelines prevent a sonic sherif from inviting only people with whom they are currently working. It is important to us that the project is about exploring new collaborations and new dynamics, rather than providing an exclusive platform for established ensembles. Invitations must therefore be discussed and approved by Wrap.

The concerts

The concerts will be part of our regular Søndagskrydder events, and will sometimes be combined with dance improvisation performed by ImproLaBergen.

The collaboration with ImproLaBergen invites dancers who are members of the lab to react to the concert with improvised movement. Individual dancers will inhabit individual spaces throughout Wrap. This is an artistic decision partially inspired by social distancing, and made possible with the use of advanced sound and video-over-network (not over internet) technology which will enable the dancers to react to the music in real time, and be seen on a projection screen behind the musicians on stage.

A choreographer or dance artist will also be invited by Wrap to lay a plan, starting point, score or direction for these improvisations. For the Global Grooves concert, Veronica Robles Thorseth will have this task. She will make a score inspired by contemplation around “the thinking body” and the work of the important dance pedagog and artist, Gill Clarke (UK). The dancers who will take part are Roskva Yasmin Andersen, Lilian Maria Bjertnes, Magdalena Camilla Delis, Rita Maria Farias Munoz, Brita Grov, Monica Reksten and Ine Terese Hogstad.

What happens to the recordings?

Time will be set aside between sessions for post-production in the form of editing, mixing, and the option of overdubs. Highlights of the recordings will be released after each period on a dedicated record label called Sonisk Plateselskap.

The focus of this label will be promote the recordings for synch (film, TV, advertising etc.) as well as for performing arts productions. The recordings will also be available for listeners/consumers through various channels, and some material will be showcased on sosial media.

All participating musicians will be registered with Gramo. We are also exploring the possibility that everyone who participates as a musician, sonic sherif or engineer will receive a proportional stake in the record label its self!

Genre and ethos

Sonisk Selskap understands improvisation to be a broad set of practices and strategies that can cover all genres of music. Some form of rules must usually apply in order for improvisation to “work” whether these rules consist of fixed scales and time signatures, abstract scores, or signals from a conductor or other band member. Our project aims to cover a wide range of genres and musicians by inviting sonic sherifs from very different musical backgrounds and milieus to lead each period.

Season 1

Our first iteration of Sonisk Selskap took place over a one week period, with three studio sessions and one concert. The musical theme for the initial period in March was “World Grooves” and the sessions and post-production were led by Sonic Sherif, Leo Preston.

Sonisk Selskap March 2021. Discussing a strategy. Left to right: Kjetil Hana, Leo Preston, Paal Rasmussen, Linn Merethe Myrtveit, Stian Brungot.

Sonisk Selskap 2021

World Grooves - March


Stian Brungot - Bass

Nils Are Drønen - Drums

Kjetil Hana - Marimba and Percussion

Hades Heriberto Hernandes Rodriguez - Cuban Percussion

Linn Merethe Myrtveit - Vocals

Leo Preston - Guitar/Sonic Sherif

Carlos Salinas - Andean Flutes


Paal Rasmussen - Sound Engineer

Suzanne Starr - Technical Assistant

Up comming Sonisk Selskap (dates to be confirmed).

Ingvill Espedal - Vocals/Sonic Sherif

Bjørn Ognøy - Guitar/Sonic Sherif

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