Wrap is a centre for artistic production and communication, which provides a wide range of facilities to professional artists, on a project-to-project basis. Wrap is artist-run, but none of our facilities are exclusively reserved for any particular artist. Our tools and spaces are maintained and organised by knowledgeable professionals and our prices are subsidised in order to reflect the means of most artists, and to maintain an inclusive profile.

We also initiate and curate various artistic projects that we believe benefit the artistic communities surrounding the centre.

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Speaker Park reaches new heights with new music, dance performance, and Symposium.

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Wrap’s interdisciplinary infrastructure and diverse artistic milieu has created a unique environment from which we have discovered new ways of developing projects such as Speaker Park.

The first manifestation of Speaker Park premiered at Borealis Festival in 2019, followed by dates at Oseana kulturhus. Now, in honour of Wrap’s 20th anniversary, it was given a long anticipated period of new development, experimentation and collaboration, which culminated in a two day symposium at Wrap.

We are so happy to have been able to gather collaborators from every stage of the project, to share new work and ideas, and discuss new developments and thoughts about the project’s future. It was also very inspiring and artistically rewarding to create a new work for Speaker Park with live music and dance, using the Speaker Park installation in a completely new configuration.  The music was performed live from a sound studio using specially developed microphone arrangement and real-time spatial audio processing, which gave outstanding results!

More detailed information on Speaker Park and the Speaker Park Symposium can be found on speakerparrk.com

This spring has been one of the busiest periods in Wrap history, with all facilities in almost constant use.

It is an honour to help so many new performances, recordings and interdisciplinary projects into fruition, and we are happy to announce a couple of upcoming premiers of shows produced at Wrap:

08.05 - 11.05: Narkis at Cornerteateret.

Written and performed by newcomer Lucas Rosenstock, giving an intimate insight into Bergen’s drug scene, combining monolog, rap and video. The performance is produced and directed by the prolific K:13, with a first class list of collaborators including Mathias Grønsdal in various roles including sound and video.

26.05 - 01.06: Spelejenta at Det Vestnorske Teateret.

Based on the story by Jon Fosse. Adapted for the stage, and directed by Ingrid Askvik. With Thea Borring Lande and Jan Holden, and a team of some of Bergen’s finest behind the scenes, including set designer Silje Sandodden Kise.

Dance performance for Speaqker Park. Title: Møllendalselven. Choreography: thud! moving endangered spaces. Photo: Aisté Žumbakyté

8-piece ensemble perdorming live premier of new composition by Owen Weaver and Leo Preston. Studio B, AV Lab, Wrap. Photo: Aisté Žumbakyté