Experimental Instruments

Monday, 24 February 2020 19:35


It is a pleasure to be co-hosting an instrument building workshop with Bergen Impro Storband for the second time. Bergen Impro Storband is a welcoming and inclusive organisation that has organised a huge variety of projects such as concerts, seminars, workshops and recording sessions over the years. Anyone with an interest in exploring musical/sonic improvisation in a large group setting is welcome to join in on a project-by-project basis and there is no membership fee.

At the workshop on 26th February, improvisation veterans Sindre Sortland and Arne Sandvoll will share some ideas and earlier instrument building projects, and there will be a selection of materials and useful stuff to help people get stuck in to projects straight away. The workshop is open for anyone, and BIS hopes that new participants will discover the joy of being a part of the group, as there are few settings better suited to playing with your home made instruments than in Bergen Impro Storband!


It is also soon time for Bergen’s international festival of experimental music, Borealis!

Wrap has a tradition of hosting productions and events in connection to Borealis, and this year we have multi-instrumentalist and record producer, Jørgen Træen (AKA Sir Dupermann) and guitarist Stein Urheim in our AV Lab, as well as the wood and metal workshop, where they are creating a brand new live show called Krympende Klode (shrinking planet) for Borealis. This show will feature various experimental home-made instruments, along side modular synthesizers and an impressive collection of stringed instruments from all around the globe! This show can be experienced (during Borealis) in the foyer at Greighallen, on the 5th of March 21:30.


This week we are also hosting dancer Caroline Eckly and Brazillian choreographer/researcher/performer, Marcelo Evelin who are working on a new dance performance, and will show a work-in-progress at Wrap on the 8th of March at 14:00. This work-in-progress performance is part of BIT-Teatergarasjen’s program and the piece currently has no title.


Friday the 28th of February comes our fourth Audioglimt concert this season, with Patricia Michlits, Sigurd Fischer Olsen and Roar Sletteland, who will play an experimental soundtrack to excerpts from the films Turin Horse (2011), Ben Hur (1959) and The Stars Are Beautiful (short. 1974). Read more about it here, or check out the Facebook event here.