Last projects before summer upgrades

Sunday, 5 July 2020 19:49

Although several large-scale productions were postponed due to the Covid pandemic, the wood and metal workshop at Wrap has been a valuable resource for smaller projects, and artists adapting their work during this period.

This summer we are making some significant upgrades to the workshop, both in terms of room-layout and tools. The project is supported by Arts Council Norway.

We have already expanded our welding equipment to include welding for aluminium which represents a significant advantage for touring theatre/dance productions that need durable but light weight scenography.

Details on the new upgrades will be published later this summer.

The image posted above is from a workshop with Bergen Impro Storband for designing and building experimental new instruments. This was the last project to take place in the wood and metal workshop before the new upgrades begin, and was part of a series of such workshops. BIS is an open group for anyone who is interested in experimental sounds and improvisation.