New Audioglimt, new intern, new possibilities and more!

Monday, 24 August 2020 19:54

Audioglimt: 28.08.2020 - Omar Johnsen and Craig Wells

Audioglimt invites artists from various musical backgrounds and genres to create their own soundtrack which can be performed live to a given film. This is the first Audioglimt event since the outbreak of the pandemic, and we are excited to finally be presenting some live events again this autumn!

There are limited seats at this concert, but you can reserve a place by email, or try buying tickets at the door (payment by VIPS).

Read more about the concert here.

The next Audioglimt concert will be with Owen Weaver and Leo Preston on the 11th of September (more information coming soon!).

AV Lab

Double bassist and composer, John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal, has been in Studio A for a week, where he has been developing the music for an opera that he is working on with Finn Iunker and Bernhard Bornstein for the National Opera.

The AV Lab is now being used to record various musicians who are performing on 14 new compositions by the Peruvian musician Carlos Salinas, as well as preparations for our first Audioglimt concert since the outbreak of the global Covid 19 pandemic.

Omar Johnsen and Craig Wells will perform their Audioglimt concert in Studio B.

Dark Room

Wrap has recently invested in professional video and streaming equipment, and in light of this we have also decided to repurpose our dark room.

Wrap has had a dark room since 2003 for developing black and white photography and super 8 film. Shortly after we moved to our current space in Møllendalsveien, we inherited state-of-the-art equipment from Haukeland University Hospital, and we built one of the largest and most well-equipped dark rooms in Bergen. It has been sporadically used for courses, and by enthusiastic analog photographers, but the time has come for us to prioritise digital media, and related facilities!

We are proud to have donated some of our best equipment and materials from our dark room to Mørkerommet, which is is an organisation based at Isotop in central Bergen that organises a dark room on behalf of it’s members who are all professional artists working with analog photography.

As for our (former) dark room, it will soon fulfil several functions, most notably as a studio for a planed webcast series that will provide insight into all the many productions and artists that pass through Wrap.

Workshop Suite

While scenographer/set-builder, Even Kråkenes, is building an impressive set for Julian Berntzen’s forthcoming production of the Norwegian children’s classic Karius og Baktus in the Wood and Metal Workshop, Open Window Theatre are putting the finishing touches to their (equally impressive) children’s show, 365 Penguins, in the Paint and Polymers Workshop. 365 Penguins has its premier on Saturday the 9th of August at Logen.

Technical Intern

August marks the beginning of our new technical internship, and filling this post is Andreas M. Lassen, who many in the field already know for his work at Cornerteateret, Logen and Chagal amongst other places.

During this part time one year internship, Andreas will develop existing skills, and learn new ones at Wrap and at other collaborating venues.

Since Andreas began, we have been getting to know Wrap’s new streaming equipment, and exploring some of the advanced possibilities that this equipment can offer in various different settings. We will test some of this equipment for real on Friday (28.08) during Audioglimt with Omar Johnsen and Craig Wells!