Summer 2021

Sunday, 5 September 2021 22:25

Wrap is pulling through these tough times, thanks to various national and local support/compensation packages, as well as those projects that manage to materialise in spite of the many uncertainties we still face.

It has become a tradition that some of the summer holiday period is dedicated to upgrades at Wrap, and this year is no exception. The primary focus of our efforts this year will be acoustic treatments in the Large Project Room, as well as in the AV Lab, where we are installing an array of three Dynaudio BM 15A monitors in Studio A. These will be perfectly placed for conventional stereo mixing, but easily re-configurable for a perfect 5.1 surround mixing setup when combined with surround (rear) left and right speakers.

The excellent controlled acoustics in Studio A, combined with state-of-the-art equipment and this speaker configuration (based on Dolby/ITU and RIAA recommended principles) will make Studio A  the most appropriate studio for 5.1 surround mixing in the region.

This summer we have also been developing unique and inspiring techniques for recording and spatial panning of sound for Speaker Park, our performance installation that premiered at the Borealis festival in Bergen in 2019. This includes finishing the “ISPI” interface (Intuitive Spatial Panning Interface) which was conceived by Leo Preston and designed and developed by Leo Preston, Leaf Preston Thorseth and Veronica Robles Thorseth.

We hope to present a Speaker Park symposium this winter, where composers and musicians will be invited to create new sonic compositions for the installation using various methods. This will be one of many exciting events that we will present this autumn/winter (more details coming soon).