A colourful, and very busy start to the new year!

Wednesday, 5 January 2022 21:55

2022 started with a rush of activity as more and more artists feel the need to develop new work in spite of the unpredictability of things during the pandemic.

Visual artist, Kiyoshi Yamamoto, was in our workshop suite with a small team of assistants over the Christmas period, developing new work for a solo exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo this spring. Yamamoto and his team made use of the Wood and Metal Workshop where they steamed and formed various wooden objects, and the Paint and Polymers Workshop for various spray painting techniques.

Yamamoto has a beautiful studio at USF in Bergen, where he creates most of his work, but Wrap has given him the opportunity to work on a different scale for the forthcoming exhibition.

Also during the Christmas period Transiteatret used the Big Project Room to test technical solutions for their ambitious online collaborations with participating institutions in Bagdad, New York and Moscow to whom they will be live streaming with appropriate subtitles for each respective language during the live presentation of their award winning performance, States of Emergency 03.08.38 at Tromsø International Film Festival.

Wrap has also hosted three new dance productions and two theatre productions over the past weeks. These productions have taken place in the Big Project Room and the White Room:

Dance productions by Marit Loe Bjørnstad with collaborators, Rita Maria Farias Munoz, and Ine Terese Hogstad with collaborators.

Theatre productions by Guliz Portakaloglu, and Amalie Mikkelsen Vere with collaborators.

Generally this year is shaping up to be very busy at Wrap and it’s nice to know that we are providing such popular and widely appreciated services.

We look forward to continue developing our own program and projects, and to collaborating with many inspiring artists through our Plastic Arena initiative and other very exciting collaborative initiatives that will be announced in due course!