Artists Meet Audiences

Monday, 21 March 2022 13:47

This is an exciting time for art and culture in Bergen, as cultural events return to normal again with lots to see at festivals big and small. Wrap has contributed to this activity on various levels.

At Cornerteateret we saw two performances during Frontlosjefestivalen that were made at Wrap, and now our recently graduated technical intern, Aisté Ĺ˝umbakyté, is ready to take on the role of technical coordinator for Danserom, a one-day dance festival initiated by Roskva Yasmin Andersen.

Our own prospects as an arena for various events have improved as we received delivery of our own unique tiered seating system, designed by Reinhard Haverkamp, and bought new lighting equipment. Both the seating and lighting equipment acquisitions were made possible thanks to re-launch funding from Kulturrom!

The new seating was first used during our third edition of the interdisciplinary improvisation-based concert series, Sonisk Selskap, with Sonic Sheriff Ingvill Espedal. There is a new opportunity to sit in our new seats during Søndagskrydder on the 27th of March, where you can see a new “live cinema” work by Trond Lossius, Jeremy Welsh and Craig Wells, entitled Sidevei.


Søndagskrydder is a broad and inclusive Sunday matinée concept that focuses on bringing people together to experience performances, concerts, exhibitions, talks and more, in a setting that centres around Wrap’s canteen. Children are welcome, there’s an animation station where young and old can contribute to an ongoing stop-frame animation, and refreshments are available. A cookery course always kicks off the morning with the smell of good warm food that is served to anyone who books their meal in advance.

The program for Søndagskrydder on the 27th of March is as follows:

11.00 Cookery course. 3 hours. 

13.20 Screening of Hospital Dumpster Divers, with previously un-seen interview and “making of” footage - a gory mini-monster splatter film by Anders Elsrud Hultgreen.  

13.30 Monsterbesøk - theatre show for children by Lys levende Adele. For children from 3 upwards (30 minutes.)

14.00 Lunch (food from the cookery course). Meals must be ordered in advance.

14.30 Talk on NORCE’s research into the behaviour of sea trout and wrasse in Store Lungegårdsvannet and Møllendalselven.

15.15 Sidevei - live cinema concert by Trond Lossius, Jeremy Welsh and Craig Wells. 40 min.