To celebrate Wraps 2nd anniversary in 2005, we commissioned artists from different disciplines to make new work that was premiered at the event. These artists were given production residencies and technical support where necessary.

Jon Pigott - The Perc-O-later (live musical performance tool)

Mariano Pignatiello - Rød Suppe (Site specific installation)

Vibeke Korsnes  - Møte med Huset (Visual art, pencil and paper)

Pignatiello with (part of) Rød Suppe installation. Wrap 2nd anniversary 2005.

Pignatiello during residency. Rød Suppe production at Wrap. 2005.

Leo Preston on musical saw, and Jon Pigott on Perc-O-Later and mix. 2005.

Pigott during residency. Perc-O-Later production at Wrap. 2005.

Møte med Huset (pencil and paper). Vibeke Korsnes 2005.

Wrap 08.03.2005 2nd anniversary!