Audioglimt invites artists from various musical backgrounds and genres to create their own soundtrack which can be performed live to a given film. It's a challenge to do this, but the invitation has been taken up by many of Bergens most respected musicians, resulting in a unique series of intimate concerts that surprise, entertain and inspire!

As a concept, Audioglimt focuses on the art of creating music for film, rather than on exploring particular genres of film or music. Until now, artists have chosen their own films, and these events have spanned everything from percussive jazz set to highlights from 80's NRK, minimalistic noise music set to a sureal edit of Norwegian block-buster, Bølgen, sensitive but contrast-filled soundscapes set to Apollo 17's trip to the moon, atmospheric drone music to Werner Hertzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and new traditional Andean music set to a political documentary.

Watch highlights from early Audioglimt performances on Vimeo by following the link below!

Some full length concerts are available on our Youtube chanel below!

Previous Audioglimt concerts (click for documentation/info):

16.06.2023 Annlaug Børsheim - performing to films from the Ulvik Local Historic Archive(Hardanger) from the 30's and 50's.

10.02.2023 Reflejos (Daiyen Jone Castro, Gaute Ullestad Moen & Jakob Nisja Gjennes) - performing to the surrealist classic, Ballet Mecanique, and the art-film, Doctrina by Edua Restrepo Castaño

03.02.2023 Johan Lindvall, Natali Abrahamsen Garner og Magnus Nergaard - Psychic Migrations by Ryan Thomas, and Super 8 experiments (road trip) by artist Marthe Bleu.

20.01.2023 Rudi Valdersnes - Shooting Range (1979) by V. Tarasov, and Hours and Hours (2022) by artist Yafei Qi

25.11.2022 Bodil Lunde Rørtveit og Berit Opheim - performing to Three art films: Stop Bath (2017) by Rachel Wolfe, Reality in the North is Thinner Than Anywhere Else (2022) by Espen Tversland, and Palette (2018) by Ankita Anand

18.11. 2022 XXX Mensa & Julie Silset - performing to Ascension (2021) and Regreso (short art film by Edua Restrepo Castaño).

24.11.2021 Strings & Timpani - performing to Dog Star Man by Stan Brakhaug

26.11.2021 John Andrew Wilhite-Hanniisdal and Guoste Tamulynaite - performiing to Aelita Queen of Mars

05.11.2021 Jostein Gundersen and Hans Knut Sveen with Ellen Røed - performing to new video works by Ellen Røed

15.10.2021 Tijs Ham & Alwynne Pritchard - performing to early experiments in cinematic animation

24.09.2021 Sindre Sortland & Arne Sandvoll - performing to films from the National Archive

10.09.2021 Stein Urheim & Jørgen Træen - performing to Lessons of Darkness by Werner Herzog

11.09.2020 Weaver & Leo Preston - performing to local dance films (by thud! and Malin Vangsnes)

28.08.2020 Omar Emanuel Johnsen & Craig Wells - performing to Microcosmos

24.01.2020 Terje Isungset & Per Jørgensen

31.01.2020 Into the Beast (Marita Moe Sandven & Ole Amund Gjersvik)

28.02.2020 Sigurd Fischer Olsen, Roar Sletteland & Patricia Michlits

22.11.2019 Ingvill Espedal & Idun Hjellestad

06.10.2019 Alwynne Pritchard & Jennifer Torrence (Quarry)

12.04.2019 Kjell Braaten & Vibeke Koehler (Skygger fra Morgenlandet)

14.12.2018 Owen Weaver (12 shorts)

23.11.2018 Bergen Impro Storband (Black Hole)

09.11.2018 Alwynne Pritchard (Quarry)

28.09.2018 Eva Pfitzenmaier (4 shorts)

07.09.2018 Old Believers (Alice)

08.12.2017 Kvien & Sommer (2x Maya Deren)

24.11.2017 Kjetil Møster (Das Boot)

11.11.2017 Horse with No Name (The Shell and the Clergyman)

13.10.2017 Bank of No Land (Jungfrukällan/The Virgin Spring)

26.08.2017 Crab is Crap & Ole Andre Farstad (various shorts)

25.08.2017 Iribagon, Hegre & Drønen (The Last Waltz)

02.06.2017 Magic Soul of Flutes (Daughter of the Lake)

18.11.2016 Karen Skog Orkester (Cave of Forgotten Dreams)

28.10.2016 Hilde Annine Hasselberg & Martin Vinje (Apollo 17 footage)

30.09.2016 Tralten Eller Utpult (Bølgen)

26.08.2016 Crab is Crap featuring Ole Andre Farstad (Alternativ Gullrekke)