Sonisk Selskap 2022

DeltaJazzLand. Led by Sonic Sheriff, David Pavels. October 2022.

Musicians (residency and concert):

David Pavels - Guitars & Slide

Julio Valencia - Percussion

Tor Bjarne Bjelland - Drums

Torbjørn Hillersøy - Bass

Are Ovesen - Trumpet

Nave Pudnik - Harmonica

Lauritz Isaksen - Keys


Leo Preston - Sound Engineer

Elaine Maltezos - Assistent Sound Engineer

This was the fourth edition of Sonisk Selskap in Wrap’s AV Lab. The studio residency was led by David Pavels and recorded by Leo Preston. The residency lasted only two days (instead of the usual three) culminating in a 30 minute improvised multi-media concert on the 16th of October with dance improvisation by dancers from ImproLaBergen in three different rooms, where they performed to the music in real-time.

The ensemble was put together by Pavels based on the extensive network of musicians that he knows through his long career as a local band leader, event organiser/impresario and musician.

The aim of the sessions, was to jam around blues-inspired chord progressions and riffs, and to explore a

soundscape combining ellements of psychedelia and drone-based grooves with delta blues and jazz.

With the moto "keep it simple" Pavels lead 6 extended jams per day, all of which are well worth a listen off-the-bat. The sessions were recorded by Leo Preston using Wrap's dLive digital mixer system with Waves Soundgrid, using 21 channels.

In the spirit of psychedelia, Preston used the built-in effects on the mixer to apply varying amounts of chorus, and sporadic bursts of tape delay (in the style of dub). These effects were only heard in the musicians headphones during the first session, but for the live audience, during the second session, effects were sent to the PA, and Assistent Sound Engineer, Elaine Maltezos, kept control of the levels and EQ to blend the effects with the acoustic performance.

During post-prroduction the delay effects were re-applied, mostly using plugins in the DAW for the sake of acurate automation. Chorus and most reverbs were applied using the dLive mixer in a rather unorthodox hybrid setup.

The 30 minute improvised concert was accompanied by 6 dancers from the dance collective ImproLaBergen, as well as Veronica Thorseth, who improvised to the music live (in real-time) in Wrap's Paint Workshop, Large Project Room, and White Room.


Meg Dodini

Monica Reksten

Roskva Yasmin Andersen

Rita Maria F. Mundoz

Anais Carreras

Malin Nøss Vangsness

Extra crew - concert/live stream:

Cameras and video-over-network: Øystein Nesheim

Streaming: Jonas Skarmark

Camera: Nils J. Nesse

Technical Coordinator: Leo Preston


Video from DeltaJazzLand live stream 16th of October 2022