Area: 147 m2

Hight: ceiling 3.13 m, sliding garage doors 2.72 m.

Price per day:

170,- / 200,-

This project/rehearsal space is a large spacious room, with a wooden floor and relatively high ceiling. A sliding garage door makes it possible to rig and bring in large pieces of scenography, lighting and sound equipment, and there are three independent 16amp power outlets (one of which is 3 phase) plus a 3x32amp outlet. Wrap is generally a great place for interdisciplinary work, and this large, flexible studio gives you the space to develop projects on many different scales. An ideal space for dance, theatre, photography, interdisciplinary productions and experiments. The room has good acoustics, and may also be used as a venue for performances and concerts combined with our PA and lighting equipment.

Wi-Fi is available, and the PA is a powerful and clear Meyer Sound system with pasive UPA-1C tops and USW-1 subs. This is usually accompanied by a small analog mixer with built in effects. Other mixers can be arranged to suit different needs. We also have blackout material to cover the windows.

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