Studio A area: 38.5m2

For composing, mixing, recording, post-production and rehearsals

Hight: 3 meters

Studio B area: 71.3m2

For rehearsals and pre-production, recording, project development, events.

Download equipment list with hire prices here.

Wrap's AV Lab is a sophisticated and flexible suite of three rooms for music, video, sonic art, and other audio-visual productions.

Wrap has years of experience in recording, producing and hosting complex audio-visual productions, and a very comprehensive collection of popular equipment to satisfy most needs from simple to very complex.

We also have the technical expertise to assist you with planing and/or implementation of your project. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for advice and assistance! View a comprehensive image gallery here.



    3 X DPA 2011A

    3 X Shure 98AMP (for drums)

    2 X AKG C 414 XLS (stereo pair)

    2 X Røde NT5 (stereo pair)

    1 X Langavin CR3A (excellent vocal mic)

    1 X AKG C 451 B

    4 X sE8 with omni directional capsules (2 stereo pairs)

    1 X AKG C 3000 B

    1 X AKG C 1000 S

    1 X Senheiser K6 (with ME 65)


    3 X Sure Beta57

    3 X Sure SM58

    3 X Sure SM57

    1 X Sure Beta52

    + miscellaneous



    Yamaha Stage Custom (Cranberry Red. 5 piece)

    Kick = 20"

    Snare = 14" Steel/chrome

    Toms: 10" 12" 14"

   Yamaha Stage Custom (Honey Amber. 5 piece)

   Kick = 22"

   Snare = 14" Birch (ply)

   Toms: 10" 12" 16"

Piano (upright) currently unavailable!

Guitar amplifiers:

    Fender '65 Twin Reverb

    Marshal JVM410H

    Vox AC151TV (Vintage wired, 50th anniversary edition)

    Vox AC30C2

    Kemper Profiling Amp (proffesional amp simulator with many amp profiles)

    Trace Elliot Super Tramp (grimy sounding old combo with valves)

Guitar speaker cabinet:

    Marshal 1960AV (4X12)

Bass Amplifiers:

    Ampeg BA2010

    Trace Elliot Gp11 Mk V (4X10 combo)

    Kemper Profiling Amp

For Information about hardware, instruments, cabling, back-line etc, please contact us personally.

Studio A is a sound-proofed room, popular for mixing, recording, song writing, composing/arranging, film scoring, video post production and critical listening, as well as small-scale rehearsals and recording sessions. It is a light and peaceful room with outstanding monitors, and acoustics that are optimal for listening.

A wide range of professional equipment makes very satisfying setups possible in many different situations.

“A” is for “analog”, signifying the importance of having a good analog signal chain and A/D converters available, which is core to the concept. Since 2023 we no longer provide an analog studio mixer as standard, although options are available. Prioritising great converters and world class monitors (Genelec 8361A SAM). The standard configuration also features a 25-fader Icon control surface with comprehensive features that integrate easily with most common DAW’s.

There are 32 analog lines between Studio A & B, plus 24 between the dry room and Studio A. 16 quality preamps are provided by two rack-mounted Audient ASP800’s, and 4 more on the RME Fireface UFX II soundcard. A stereo VCA bus compressor, and two linkable optical compressors can be patched into the signal chain in various ways.

There are also SDI lines and several CAT 6 network lines between all rooms in the AV lab. These cables enable a huge amount of potential for advanced collaboration and sophisticated production/recording and live streaming.

The current Mac driver for the RME soundcard can be found here.

The Icon control surface does NOT require a driver as it uses the Mackie Control/HUI protocols that are integrated as standard with most DAW’s.

Studio B is a large sound-proofed room with a great PA and audio equipment for projects of many different sizes, where sound is critical.

It is a popular room for pre-production/music rehearsals, as well as performing arts projects, sonic art projects and other interdisciplinary productions. It is also used to host intimate concerts and events which can easily be live streamed using Wrap’s sophisticated streaming equipment.

A large door to the car park makes it easy to get big instruments and equipment in and out, as well as giving instant access to sunlight (when that is available).

Our Allen & Heath Dlive C2500 gives you a hugely flexible, industry-leading mixing interface that communicates noiselessly (no fan) with our CDM48 mix rack and Lab D series 120:4 amplifier, which are both patched to wall-mounted panels from an insulated technical room.

In large-scale recording or live streaming situations, Studio B can be used in conjunction with Studio A, with video and talkback communication in addition to 32 lines of XLR for analog audio.

Mobile acoustic treatments can be configured to suit different physical setups and acoustic demands, enabling an emphasis on absorption or diffusion down to low-mid frequencies.

Dry Room

This is a large dry room, big enough to record a large drum kit or a group of people seated around a table. The “dry” acoustics (with virtually no reverb) are perfect for recording very clear professional podcasts, song and other vocal material, as well as drums and other instruments where you want a very precise clear sound. Many producers and recording engineers like to record in a dry room, and to add reverb effects during the mixing process. There are 24 lines of analog XLR between this room and Studio A, as well as SDI and network kables for patching video and other devices (for talk back etc.) so communication between the Dry Room and the rest of the AV Lab can be made very easy!

Studio A in Wrap's AV Lab. "A" stands for "Analog" emphasising the importance of our analog signal chain which gives more options for recording.

Premium Genelec

8361A SAM monitors

"The Ones"

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