Video equipment at Wrap

Cameras & lenses:

Lumix GH5 with Leica DG Vario-Summilux 10-25mm f/1.7 ASPH lens (plus various useful accessories). Alternativ lens - Leica 12-60mm f/2.8-4.

2 x Sony a6400 with Sigma 16mm f/1.4 lens. APS-C sensor. Very good for filming in low light.

Lumix DMC-GX80 compact system camera with Micro Four Thirds sensor. 4K video, Micro HDMI out.

Sony HVR-Z7E hybrid solid-state/cassett recording in 1080p. 12x optical zoom. Clean HDMI out.


2 X studio floods with reflective barndoors (Ianiro Studio Cool, ICE 6”) dimmable (manual / DMX).

3 X Ianiro Lilliput (kit with stands, barndoors etc.)

Note: Other lighting sources (not specifically designed for video) may also be available.

Green Screen/Chroma Wall:

We have a large green screen (300 x 250cm). Solid aluminium frame with velcro fastenings.

Tripods, Stands, Cages:

Manfrotto 144Bird. Very solid basic tripod.

Manfrotto BeFree Advanced Live. Extremely portable/lightweight but solid tripod with video head.

Manfrotto MPMXPROA4. Telescopic monopod.

Manfrotto Magic Arm with "Super Clamp" and camera mount. For mounting a camera to "anything".

Rollei Monkey Pod 2. Small, light weight mini-tripod with bendy legs for DSLR or mobile.

Small Rig cage for Lumix GH5 with handle, cold shoe mounts and more.

Audio Equipment:

Sennheiser wireless lavalier set for video production. XSW-D.

Double XLR adapter for Lumix GH5, with phantom power and individual gain control.

Zoom H4n portable solid-state recorder with good built-in sterio mics, and preamps for external mics (including phantom).

Many professional studio mics and stands, inculding shotgun mic. See Music Facilities for detailed list of audio & recording equipment.

Super 8:

Nizo 801 macro - The classic first-choice 8mm camera of underground film makers for decades. Eumig Nautica - for underwater super 8 fun and psychedelia.


We have an ATEM Mini Pro (Blackmagic Designs) plus many useful accessories for a wide range of applications. We can help you stream your production with multiple cameras, credits, scrolling text and more. You can also rent this equipment at Wrap if you have your own streaming team.

Digitization and format conversion:

We can also transfer video from VHS and other obsolete analog/digital formats.

Professional Documentation:

Wrap can also provide professional video documentation of theatre/dance performances, exhibitions etc. using our equipment and collaborating with freelance artists/technicians who are familiar with it.


Download equipment list with hire prices here.

71 Bodies streaming from Wrap's Large Project Room. Project = In First Person: The House (digital). Photo Adele Lærum Duus

Wrap has equipment and production spaces that are useful to film makers and artists working with video in a variety of settings. Our list of equipment is constantly evolving, and we now also have great streaming equipment and expertise.

Artists rent our spaces and equipment for set-building and special effects, shooting and live streaming on many different scales, Youtube content production, as well as sound scoring, mixing and mastering.

We have a lot of expertise within our extended network, so please contact us if you would like help with documentation, streaming, or other aspects of your video production.

Anders Hultgreen on the set of Hospital Dumpster Divers (at Wrap). Photo: Leo Preston

Wrap's Simple Streaming Guide