31.01.2020 - Into the Beast

Into The Beast:

Marita Moe Sandven - Vocals

Ole Amund Gjersvik - Double Bass

Film - Tale of Tales by Jurij Norsjteijn.

Into The Beast is a full-on acoustic impro-duo that has released several critically acclaimed albums since it’s debut in 2016. Vocalist Marita Moe Sandven plays with surreal text material about feelings of strength and vulnerability in relation to the human condition, memories and experiences. This is woven together with, and underscored by the bass of legendary Ole Amund Gjersvik.

The name Into the Beast refers to the act of acknowledging and accepting ones fear.

The duo uses free jazz and improvisation to explore contrasts in general, as well as bridges between them.

For their Audioglimt concert, they chose to perform a soundtrack to an animated film by the Russian animator and film director, Jurij Norsjteijn, from a collection of his films that they discovered in the Bergen Library. Norsjteijn is known for his very distinct aesthetic style and very detailed animated artwork.

Note: Due to a technical glitch, the first 2 minutes of audio are very noisy. From 02:35 onwards this is no longer a problem!