Vandana is the name of our Scania 116 bus from 1979. We have converted the bus to run on recycled vegetable oil, which reduces our emissions significantly, and acts as a responsible way to use this otherwise problematic waste product. Recycled veg oil is a sustainable and carbon neutral fuel.

The bus was acquired by our charity, History Disposal Unit, in August 2023. It will serve as a largely self-sufficient tour bus, allowing us as artists and programmers to collaborate with initiatives and venues of all shapes and sizes throughout Norway and Europe. This is an extension of Wrap, the arts centre that we established in 2003, through which we collaborate with many artists within the performing, visual, sonic and interdisciplinary arts.

Using the bus as a combined home and extension of our work with cultural infrastructure, we have drastically reduced our consumption and committed to a new lifestyle with an even stronger focus on minimalism, recycling, autonomy and bold experimentation.

Kunstbussen will enable us to develop our artistic practice, sharing impulses with a wider range of collaborators and audiences. We use the term Slow Culture to describe an approach towards cultural exchange and the presentation of art, where not only the formal presentation, but also the discussions, preperation and other interactions that take place before and after, are respected, nurtured and valued.

Wrap Satellite is a significant and important aspect of Kunstbussen's touring schedule. This is a program of events tailored to suit specific venues and communities that we collaborate with around Vestland County (Norway). This projects brings music, theatre, dance, film, visual and interdisciplinary art from Wrap to new audiences, and share impulses and creative pratices between different communities. Wrap Satellite is made possible with funding over three years form Vestland County Council (Vestland Fylke).    

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