Kunstikit is the most ambitious project that HDU/Wrap has ever undertaken (apart from renovation and building work at Wrap). It was a project designed to engage as much of the Norwegian performing arts field as possible, in order to showcase common interests as well as the broad diversity in artistic interests and practices. The project took place in various stages over a two year period from 2011 - 2012.

First HDU commissioned 12 unique contributions from artists, writers and researchers. These contributions collectively constituted a kit, which was replicated 30 times and sent to 30 individual artists/groups who each committed to making a new performance based on/influenced by this kit and its 3 affiliated dogmas.

The 30 resulting performances were presented at Kunstikit events/festivals, alongside an exhibition of the entire kit and discussions related to various themes that were addressed by the kit. Kunstikit festivals were organised in 5 of Norways largest cities, and most of the performances toured several of these festivals, while a few chose only one (due to logistical factors).

Good communication and fair treatment of all artists and contributors were central themes to Kunstikit. In order to meet and engage artists from across the whole of Norway, HDU held workshops at collaborating venues in each of the 5 cities: Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and Tromsø. These workshops were developed by HDU with Tiago Rodrigues and Tonan Quito.

Most documentation is in Norwegian.

See the Kunstikit manual (Norsk)

Read the report (Norsk)