Wrap strives to make the production of art as straight forward as possible, by providing great facilities, adaptability, easy acces between workshops/studios, kitchen/canteen, and importantly the opportunity to buy last-minute (or "emergency") materials such as screws, staples, glue, wire, rope, bolts, hinges and much more.

We don't keep a huge stock, but we do try to have enough materials on hand, to save the day on those crucial occasions when you're working all Sunday to get something finished for Monday, and all you're missing is a couple of balts!

Of coarse the "shop" is only open when we're there, but you might be surprised how often that is (even on Sundays). If you suddenly find your self short of a few screws, don't hesitate to ask us.

A full price list is not available on-line as our stock is constantly changing.