24.09.2021 - Sindre Sortland & Arne Sandvoll

Sortland & Sandvoll. Audioglimt 24th September 2021

Sindre Sortland and Arne Sandvoll are musicians with a broad and eclectic background, who’s passion for experimental instruments and improvised soundscapes has brought them together in a number of projects, including composition workshops for BIT20’s outreach program, instrument building workshops at Wrap and the creation of a car horn organ. They have performed together in ensembles such as Tom Tveits and the Two Missing Seven Dwarfs Orchestra, and Bergen Impro Storband.

Arne’s experience covers everything from DJ’ing to theatre, via extensive international touring with folk-rockers Wardruna and other bands.

Sindre has a Cand Philol degree in classical guitar from the Grieg Academy in Bergen and has specialised in Bossa Nova which he studied in Brazil. He has performed his own Norwegian (Nynorsk) interpretations of Bossa Nova songs at schools across Norway, and on the library boat Epos. He has a long and broad experience teaching music and instrument building at various schools such as Vaksdal Kulturskule where he has worked since 2002.

For their Audioglimt concert they will each bring a collection of exotic and self made instruments, both acoustic and electronic. They have chosen three films from the National Library film archives.


Veslefrikk med fela - a ballet film from 1948 by Ny Norsk Ballet, choreographed for the silver screen by Gerd Kjølaas.

Nattoget - A mysterious silent documentary commissioned by the national railway in 1950, which follows the passengers and senior staff on a night train. The description provided by the national archive states that the ending of this film is of a fictional nature.

The Cook - A Buster Keaton silent comedy from 1918.

Arne Sandvoll plays:

Omnichord om-84 (Folktek modified)

Bulbul tarang

Dan bau

Coconut calimba (DIY)

Musical saw (Sandviken Stradivarius)

Snare drum with transducer (automated using iPad)

Slide membrane flute (DIY)

Sindre Sortland plays:

Lap steel through fuzz pedal (Skjeggabuzz - DIY)

Electric guitar through OD-2 clone pedal (DIY)

Hyve Synth

Talk box (DIY)

Volca Beats (Korg)

Horrorgan (HanHin & Ghostscreen)

Sequencer - Spin Doctor (HanHin)

Effects loop1: Fabrikat (Pladask Elektrisk) - Form2 (Pladask Elektrisk)

Effects loop2: Tube Zipper (Electro Harmonics) - ReForm (Pladask Elektrisk) - Simplifier (DSM&Humbolt Electronics)

Matrix mixer 4x4 (Pladask Elektrisk)

Music box (DIY)

Jews harp (Bjørgulv Straume)


Loop pedal (Boss)

Turntable (Crosley)

Records played through DIY talk box (samples):

Power House by Raymond Scott

Real Love by Ruby Murray

Gunnar Hahns Kamerorkestern vol 2