10.09.2021 - Stein Urheim & Jørgen Træen

Stein Urheim - microtonal guitar & assorted effects

Jørgen Træen - analog synths & wobbulator

Film - Lessons of Darkness (Werner Herzog)

Urheim and Træen perform an improvised soundtrack to Lessons of Darkness, Werner Herzog’s stunning visual documentary from the post-apocalyptic oil fields of Kuwait (1992). The concert took place on the 10th of September 2021 at Wrap arts centre in Bergen.

These two acclaimed Bergen-based musicians were commissioned by Borealis international festival for experimental music, to create a new piece under the name of Krympende Klode (Shrinking Planet). The concert was developed and rehearsed at Wrap, and premiered in Greighallen during the Borealis festival in 2020. In September 2021, the duo released an album by the same name, available on Bandcamp and other services.

Urheim & Træen explore the interplay between analog synthesizers and stringed instruments, inspired by everything from modular synthesizers and tape loops, to the experiments of American instrument builder Harry Partch and one of the pioneers within electronic music, Raymond scott. The result of these influences is a new music created in a collision between voltage-controlled oscillations and string vibrations!