Sonisk Selskap - Voices That Create

February 11 - 13

Sonic Sheriff: Ingvill Espedal

Concert 13.02.22 at 15:00 (with dancers from ImproLaBergen)


Ingvill Espedal (Sonic Sherrif)

Anett Omdahl Skansen

Tora Finne

Marcus Davidson

Greta Andersberg

Susanne Starr-Lassen


Rita Maria Farias Munoz

Ewa Lorenc

Monica Reksten

Ine Terese Hogstad

Brita Grov

Roskva Yasmin Andersen

Mai Veronica Lykke Robles Thorseth

Dance Score:

Ine Terese Hogstad og Mai Veronica Lykke Robles Thorseth


Sound Engineer - Paal Rasmussen

Technical Coordinator - Leo Preston

Live Stream - Jonas Skarmark

Internal video streams - Leo Preston

Technical Assistent - Aisté Žumbakyté

Camera - Marte Bleu

Camera - Nils J. Nesse

Cameras - Sebastian Holmlund

This was the third edition of Sonisk Selskap in Wrap’s AV Lab. It was led by Ingvill Espedal and recorded by Paal Rasmussen. The final concert was performed on Sunday 13th February with dance improvisation by dancers from ImproLaBergen in three different rooms around the arts centre.

The musical ensemble for this edition of Sonisk Selskap worked exclusively with vocals. All the participants work professionally with voice, although not specifically as singers in some cases. The sessions aimed to explore as much of the potential as possible when very different voices meet under the unique circumstances that Sonisk Selskap provides.

Contrasts between words and sounds, harmony and disharmony as well as many other qualities where experimented with and explored. Sonic Sheriff, Ingvill Espedal was given two effects pedals on an auxiliary loop from the control room which she opted to use exclusively on her own voice for maximum artistic control (as opposed to effecting all the voices at the same time). The pedals she used were as follows:

• Boss DD-3 digital delay set to “hold”, enabling instant unpredictable loops by repeating the delay cache for as long as the foot-switch is depressed.

• Vox Time Machine delay pedal with a long delay time and decay.

Although it was initially suggested that the vocalists might prefer to perform without headsets in order to share an organic acoustic experience, this was deemed a very bad idea by Sound Engineer, Paal Rasmussen, and headphones were worn throughout the entire duration of all sessions. This encouraged more accurate microphone technique, enabling more precise recordings and use of effects.  

Ingvill Espedal's background is classical singing, as well as improvisation and experimental music. She has worked with many choirs around the world, and as a singer, musician and composer in theatre and dance productions.

Paal Rasmussen studied music technology and production at what is now London Metropolitan University, and ran a commercial studio in Asker. He has recorded a wide variety of genres represented by artists such as DDE, Det Betales, To Rustne Herrer, Kristiansand kammerorkester, Julie Felix, Ketil Bjørnstad, Jan Erik Wold, Kåre Virud, Mattis Hætta, Hans Rotmo, Mohr, Ellen Bøtker and Heidi Hauge.

Rasmussen is also known for his work with surround mixes, and with speaker and acoustic design. He is currently engaged with designing the room acoustics in Studio A in the AV Lab.

Leo Preston is Artistic Director at Wrap and designer of Wrap’s AV Lab. He was also one of the driving forces behind the annual musical gatherings in Ibsensgate 31 that gave birth to Sonisk Selskap. He is a musician, songwriter, playwright and theatre maker who’s work has been performed throughout Norway as well as Mexico and Portugal. His intimate understanding of the technical framework at Wrap is at the core of what makes unique events like this one possible.

Voices That Create

Ingvill Espedal talks about her goals with these sessions: