Wrap Satellite

Wrap Satellite uses Kunstbussen to connect artists and projects from Wrap arts centre with other artists, venues and projects around Vestland County and Norway.

Kunstbussen is designed to enable ambitious touring of performing arts, music, visual and hybrid projects, without imposing high demands on hosts, due to it’s onboard living facilities, tools and technical equipment. This means that Wrap Satellite can collaborate with hosts to create events that are tailored to each specific venue and it’s audience. We use the term Slow Culture to describe this approach to touring where all interactions and shared experiences are considered valuable aspects of the overall cultural exchange.

Wrap Satellite is a response to widespread challenges that artists experience with regard to touring, and to showing their work more times. It’s a way to develop strong and inspiring, long-term relationships between artists, audiences, programmers and venues.

The first touring season with Wrap Satellite is planed for autumn 2023, with visits to Spinea Company in Stord, Kunstlåven in Dalsøyra, and Hardangerakademiet for fred, utvikling og miljø in Jondal. Other venues/initiatives that Kunstbussen intends to collaborate with are Samvirket Scene and Teaterfestivalen i Fjaler, and Mia Julie Wiland, småbruk, Bømlo.

The project has received funding for three years from Vestland County, and is currently applying for additional funding and sponsorship from various sources.